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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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properly run. stp is the for school buss and transport. >> who knew that john -- johnathon liked kids. we'll see you next time. have a great weekend . mitt romney had enough. he said president obama should stop the campaign lies. paul goes one on one with the governor . states can now forgo works required by welfare recipents. some are blasting the president for another test of the president ignoring the law. we'll get the take coming up live. part of the country starts with the flood waters and farmers are praying for rain . what that means for the
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grocery bill. and on the coastlines this summer worse than before . we'll talk to the producer of shark week. i am uma with the news headquarters. it starts right now. governor mitt romney is on the offens and i have calling for president obama to apolize for the attacks his campaign is making about romney's time in bain capitol. he did a series ofs to set the record straight. molly is joining us more with what the governor had to say. >> former governor mitt romney said the attacks on the tenure in bain capitol are ridiculous . beneath the presidency. and romney did interviews yesterday with all . broadcast and cable news channel to push back on the
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attacks. the obama campaign is challenging the assertion that he left bain in 1989 . documents say that romney was the ceo three years later. bain said there a lag in updating the paperwork. >> and the discrepancy may make romney a fell mon. he needs to reign in the team and take responsibility for what they are saying. this is absurd. i think this is showing a pattern. you had bad news on the economic front and 41 straight months with unemployment above 8 percent . the president said he will raise taxes on people . trying to gut welfare reform. it is beneath the dignity of the office. >> the president is in virginia about to give a
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speech. the team is trying to connect romney to bain and out sourcing jobs. the only sound is romney singing "america the beautiful" about words appear of jobs going over seas. ♪ for purple mountains majesties. ♪ above the fruited plain. ♪ america, america. romney who is making his case to the american people on part of his business. he left bain to head up the olympics and response to obama attacks and american voters expect more from this president. >> thank you, molly very much. >> to implement a key part of the obama health care law or not. that is a big question half . nation's governors are
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discussing. several decided not to implement the expansion of the health care law. bob mcdonald is weighing his and hosting in williams burg today. we'll talk about the health care issue and more. obama campaign is mourning the loss of a campaign worker yesterday. he worked in the 2008 campaign and 2004 senate race. president obama called and spoke with his parents. >> he had such passion for the work he did and for his family. he told us he loved us every day . every time you talked to him. >> politics set aside as both presidential candidates tweeted out their condollence. president obama said beloved member of our campaign family passed away and our prayers with you.
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we'll miss you alex. >> ann and i were deeply saddened to hear of the death of alex okrent. >> and a federal judge is allowing the stage strict antiabortion law to take affect and allowing the only abortion clinic to remain open. the law requires anyone to be preventing abortion to be an obgyn. they are given more time the oh, pgyn don't have credentials and are working from out of state . weather is a tail of two extremes. heavy rains caused flash flooding and houston sex sex
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--- texas is under water after receiving rain. the massive down pours are causing problems. but raising hope that it is rain will end the drought condition in southeast texas. texas is one of 26 states that have natural disasters due to drought and blazing heat that is taking a tollon crops. we'll have more on this story. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon to you uma. no relief is in site for the weekend for the already parched midwest. temperatures are expected to climb in the nines and triple-digits . christmas tree sapplings are shriveling up. and it is causing the price of these commodities to strike. indiana is the epi center and spreading to illinois and iowa and the country's largest corn
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grower. it is not enough to make a difference. there is just no available moisture in the soul. we should be able to make a ball out of it. but it is just like sand. >> many people are comparing it to the dust bowl that not only destroyed crops but live stock as well foo much water playinging the country. flash flood watches in the southwest. around houston, trees are down and streets are flood bayous are overflowing. heavy rain that fell in the gulf coast will shift to tennessee and ohio today. flooding rains will be possible in low lying areas.
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and uma declaration of natural disaster area will help residents to weather the natural disasters and also the wildfires by helping them to acquire low interest loans. back to you. worsening condition in sir yampt two women and a child and security officer kill would in a suicide bombing. they apparently discussed the bomb with onions. can came on reports of mass killings there. there are reports of 200 villagers kill would. it was a military opposition. >> and they have seen intelligence report that is syria may have moved chemical weapons o an area near homs. there is no sign that the weapons are used.
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if they decide to use those weapons, it would cross a sirius line. >> and security security is making a commitment about the u.s. commitment to egypt. she arrived in cairo with the country's newly elected president mohammed morsi. >> it couldn't come at a more important time in egypt's history. they are close allis and now that relationship is shaky. president obama -- secretary clinton just arrived in israel to meet with mohammed morsi. morsi was actually i jail as a member of the banned muslim brotherhood organization. he is a conservative islamist and advocates a tougher line with israel and the united states when it comes to
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policy. we are awaiting a news conference. there is a bit of the a power struggle between the army which the u.s. has close relationships with and with president morsi who is trying to figure out how much power morsi will have and how much power the army has. secretary clinton will announce several hundred million in foreign debt relieve -- relief. if president morsi takes her up that comes with a diplomatic price. that is continues and intelligence share acess to the suez canal and a good relationship with israel. the u.s. has to be concerned about israel turning into anoer turkey. turkey elect add themselves a islamic president and they were a member of nato and had close ties to the united states and over the past couple of years moved farther
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away from the u.s. and certainly not close to the ally it was. here in israel. officials are concerned about what is going on inside of egypt and feel a muslim brotherhood president cannot be a good thing for israel and certainly no matter what president morsey or secretary clin thon said there are different stop gap measures in place to protect the interest internally and also on the israel egypt border by the sinai peninsula. back to you. >> thank you for that update. back in this country, the state of virginia is seen as a must win for president obama. president obama won this state back in 2008 but this time virginia could go red. what does mitt romney need to do to declare victory there.
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governor there is a lot of thoughts to winning your state this time around. what do you have to say about it >> thanks for having me on. it is clear that we are competitive in the purple states above mitt romney and president obama have been here on repeated occasions. to me the president did well and won by 7 points. and the last three cycles have done well winning by 18. they care about getting people back to work and spending cuts and to be able to manage the debt and deficits and those are the things that mitt romney is talking about. he has a bold plan for unleashing the energy here and that is the president has been attacking and i am optmistic. there is a lot of independent
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voters and the romney message is better. and it is a dead heat right now. >> governor i know it has drosted since you were sworn in and balanced the budget without raising taxes. why does the say the only way to raise jobs. >> it is the wrong formula. you look at virginia with those numbers and taken a fiscally conservative approach and the private sector is the key to getting the greatest country back to wk and growing again. you can sky them saying no, we need to raise taxs and it is the wrong formula that you see in illinois and places like that. it is not working and the president's idea about increasing taxes on every small business that he's
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promosing and increases by 500 billion in obama care. that message of tax increases is hosstillity and call on natural gas and energy and the fact that he's not a build leader on things that virginia know and that will tip the balance with the voters. there is a political fire storm over the white house decision to t states waive work requirementings it is that moved people from welfare to work. what is the impact. will this be a major campaign issue? >> i think absolutely uma. it is part of the big decision in the election between more enments and guarantees. and mitt romney believes like me and republicans that more
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activity and acess to the american team is the way you build it back to prosperity. and so, this idea of eliminating or doing waivers to get red of the work requirement something that we championed in 95 in virginia and something that bill championed and to say that the social compact and you work for your benefits and now you waive it is outrageous. can it has moved m people from federal government and now to freedom and opportunitis and jobbings. more people focus on this and i will. more they focus. the more they realize that the president is out of touch. maybe are concerned that it
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will foster more personal responsibility. >> you agree with that? >> absolutely. that's how we got ourselves in to this mess and from the recovery and great depression from the 30s. and otherings. we put more and more people in dependence of the federal government. we had cycles of people. and you got to work and pursue opportunity and if you do so you are rewarded for your efforts. >> you can make more money by staying at home and opposed to working and completely under minds . he is admitting his job policy is a failure. that is 25 million people
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under employed . that's why it was keeping people on welfare and another reason why we need mitt romney and understands the american dream and getting people back to work. >> thank you for joining us today. >> all the west to you, thank you. >> in the meantime president obama is on the campaign trail there and listen in to what he had to say. >> i run from the united states senate all over illinois and you got big cities and you have small towns and rural and suburban and urban areas and stop in vfw and halls and diners and go to churchs and synagogues and you meet black white and hispanic and asian and-american and you name it. wherever i went, even if on the surface folks look different. there was a common thread that
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read through their stories. >> there you s have it on the campaign trail. virginia is a battle ground state. we heard from the governor of virginia. it will remain in the spotlight. city officials say they had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. vice mayor of stockton california will tell us what led to the heart breaking vote. >> and team usa will be wearing uniforms made in chin a. and ralph lauren is saying they will change their way in 2014. is this a little too late. should ralph lauren be allowed to produce olympic uniforps anymore? sound off and we'll read your answers in thipped of the show.
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c>> welcome back. clothing designer ralph lauren is promising to change his way after word that the uniforms were not made in the usa. congressman and senators came out against that.
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they have not discussed the plans to get the uniforms and said we have committed to producing the open ceremony look in the united states that will be born for the 2014 olympic games. we are asking you. should ralph lauren be allowed to make these uninorms. i plan to read those responses. tough times in stockton, california. it was tough but necessary.
9:24 am
stockton is one of thee city to declare bankruptcy. public safety employees were costing city on average $150,000 each per year. vice mayor miller is joining us on the phone. >> thank you for having me. why has stockton run out of options at this point. is there any way to bypass bankruptcy. ? >> no. if there a way we would have opted for it the council made conditions. reduced our work force and cut pay and benefits through elections and imposing them and we ran out of options and nothing else to do tprotect the people that live here. we heard about the hefty benefit package and how did it
9:25 am
get to that point where they collected so much. >> it happened over a 10-year period . during the 1990s and stockton is not alone in this. cities all over our state especially ramped up enhanced pensions. and increased benefits and one of the benefits that stockton granted to the employees that ended up really being. the largest single problem. we granted free lifetime military benefits to the retirees. that is a perk there. no doubt about that. >> something that the average person would never have. bankruptcy filing has taken place and the impact is profound. but bankruptcy is not going to end the financial problems of the city, is that correct? we have to deal with it
9:26 am
against high employment and the country and foreclosurures in our area. bankruptcy will give us breathing space to renegotiate the long-term debt with our credits. and allow us as the economy recoveries to recovery along with that. and with that. we'll never be able to recover . get out from the crushing debt. and it is certainly one that we are watching closely and a difficult decision indeed . i know you will do everything that you can to move forward. second half started after the break and here's what is coming your way . several cities in america are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.
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how does that happen? ask ben stein. governor mitt romney had enough and calling obama campaign lies beneath the president. >> he needs to reign in the team and finally take responsibility for what they are saying it is absurd. >> we'll have more on the romney one on one campaign called cameron. and the you have seen the scary pictures. are thuars safe? we'll ask the man behind shark week . hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat.
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>> it is more than 24 hours and still no word on an american couplele kidnapped in egypt. molly has more on that story and the rest of the headlines. >> uma, the coup and he will their guide were in the sinai region and they were abducted.
9:32 am
kidnappers are demanding the released of a jailed tribesman in exchange for the couple's freedom. secretary of state clinton just arrived in egypt. ohio senator rob port man said a plan will punish small business owners. he is pushing congress to skip the drama. health care is discussed in the national governor's association meeting in west virginia. they will not do the medicaid portion. they will pay back more in disputed credit card fees. several sued over the fees in 2005.
9:33 am
we don't have jobs and on and on and on. but their life styles is remaining the same. they are fed up with the generous pension plans and benefits. come cities are not the only ones struggling. what is going wrong? could your city be next? joining us is ben stein. author of what would ben stein do. >> honor to be here. we are seeing cities filing fo>> there are plenty of people who protect it. cities and demands and they fire all kinds of workers for
9:34 am
more pay . we'll give you huge retirement benefits and by that time a event will occur and that didn't occur and the liabilities were fixed in stone . so the cities not only didn't grow but the revenue came for real estate developmentings. next thing you knew there was serious bankruptcy going on. >> what is the trend. how many are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. >> i don't know how many are teeturing on bankruptcy. but i know the municipal workers . they are wonderful people and police and firefighters risk their lives every day are getting too much money.
9:35 am
cities can't afford it it is previcely the same as what ford did in the auto industry. we can't pay it right now. but we'll give you pensions . revenues did not militarize and they. and so what the over all impact for residents? people are going to forethey will make the cuts and don't have the money to pay what was once you know hefty salaris and benefits . they think the safety is going to be compromised. >> we have that fear in the state of california. california is subject to a danger to fires. it is a dry state . they are going to be cut back
9:36 am
and they will have fewer of them. it is exactly what is happening in of clum about. you lost power they couldn't get it back up for a criminally long time. it was criminal. not literally. >> i hear you . the same is happening in california. this is what they knock down in a couple of hours. it is like the brush fires that happened in colorado. we have them filing for bankruptcy and yet they file for the bullet train. that is just insane.
9:37 am
they take it and they take it by car. and i can't understand that. i love jerry brown and he is a democrat. we'll see what lies ahead. >> it doesn't bode well for the future. thank you so much. and the left is increasing the red rick. over what governor did or didn't do. and getting down right ugly. they sit down with mitt romney who is feed up with all of the attacks. the president is falsely confusing him to stifle the
9:38 am
debate over the economy. it is politicings a lot worse than usual. they expect more. they talk about a post partisan policy . change the way washington works and they assume it would be better. with the kind of attacks. he makes it worse . people want to know who will america working again. or lying to voters. and he was not involved in outsourcing. the organization is ferified. and fact check. and it is ridiculous x. beneath the dignity and the presidency and his campaign. he needs to take
9:39 am
responsibility for what they are saying it is soing the pattern. now 41 straight months with unemployment above 8 percent . the president said he will raise taxos people . trying to gut welfare reform. >> romney said he used to be a good guy. >> he's straining that. >> the presidency is un. successful in getting people back to work. they are trying to make attacks. that is not going to work. and it is close to cinching the republican nomination and congratulated me and said we are going to have an important
9:40 am
debate and i am waiting for that debate to start. no effort to talk about the issues. >> a new romney ad slams the president for using tactics he condemned in the past. you don't have those actics to scare voters f. you don't have a record to run on. you pay your economy to run from. you make a big election about small thingings . democrats want romney to release multiple years was back taxings. he said when last years and for which he saw an extension that. will be it >> there will be a file and people will have tax returns and that's plenty. >> romney is outspent two-one and he's slipped in the polls. and aides said they will be on
9:41 am
the air as much if not more than the president. >> romney is talking about a running mate pick. he stands by his comment in february that he will appoint a pro life running mate which limits the speculation of condoleezza rice who said she was mildly pro choice . another week and run in with a shark. the suffer is presumed dead. the producer of shark week coming your way next . stay in the moment sanya focus lolo, focus let's do this i am from baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love
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authorities in australia are searching for the remains of a surfer kill would by a great white shark. that attack taking place north
9:46 am
of perth. a witness riding on a jet ski said it popped out of the water and attached a suffer. this is the fifth attack of its kind this year in australia. shork sitings are on the rise. what can people do to steer clear of the sharks? joining us is jeff ker who is a film maker for shark week. >> i know you have done the documentaries for a time on discovery. are we just seeing morit sitings. millions of peach go every day.
9:47 am
it is still very, very rare and i don't think there is an increase per se. >> we have season the increase . sharp sitings in sape cod and some on the california coast. are seals to blame for this? these sharks are after seals and they are move negligent waters more frequently. >> you are had about the sharks decimated by over fishing. on the coastline sharks are protected. and i think the shark are -- there are more in the coast . the great white sharks are coming back after years of being gone. that is because of the sale population.
9:48 am
you can look down and sky the sharks in among the surfers and in the pier and la harbor and that goes to show you they are not actually attacking people and targeting people. they just happen to be there and that's their natural environment. and the people are in the way of their food? >> i am sorry. i cane hear? >> people happen to be in the way of the sharkings attempting to get their food; is that why the attacks that are happening. [inaudible] >> when there is a attack it is mistakenue dentity the surfer looks like what the normal prey looks like and a foot may look leak a fish. what you want to avoid is murky water conditions. afraid that and swim in groups and done go out too far by
9:49 am
yourself. that's what you can do to avoid shark encounters. that is great advice. good luck with the ow. it is a big hit with the audience. we are so fascinated by the creatures. they seem to be so mysterous for us. >> and it comes on in nine clock on discovery. we have to keep it in mind. thanks for joining us. all the best to you. >> 26 states here in the u.s. are dealing with drought conditions. we'll tell you where after the break. it's your teenager's first rsity game. it isn't just your annual exam.
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>> over seas in a situation that is creating situation in a far east. 15 people have died there and a story that is devastating and more than 250,000 residents ordered to evacuate their homes. david is joining us with the latest on the situation.
9:54 am
torrential rain is pounding parts of japan . at the moment 29 people are killed or missing. they are warning of more flooding and land slides. there is 14 inches of rain. japanese authorities are concerned about a major disaster. they ordered 250,000 people to leave their homes where more rivers are busting their banks and people are told to go to officialelt shers and schools and other buildings. they have left heavy mood and everywhere. and they are escaping the water. 40,000 people had to leave.
9:55 am
and just 800 homes were damaged . the city has been particularly hard hit. 19 people were killed because of the rising waters. back to you. thanks for the update. >> and last call for tweets. we ask if you think ralph lauren should be allowed to make the uniforms. the answers coming your way next . ico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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there was a big outcry when it was discovered team usa will we were asking you if ralph lauren should be allowed to design olympic uniforms. several weighed in. ralph lauren should lose the olympic contract unless he fixes the problem for 2012. christopher disagrees saying "i don't see a problem with it. the uniforms they wear to compete are made in china." okay. lots of responses, and time for just those two things. thanks for sharing. that does it for me.